St John’s Hill Festival

We helped out at the St John’s Hill Festival in Clapham Junction this weekend. Well I say we, I looked after the boys, Jeanette set up her face-painting stand and helped our good friends Sim & Robin out on their cake stand.4

Although it wasn’t a particularly nice day, there was a good turn out and all in all it seemed to be a better event than the Lavender Hill Street Party that took place in June. That was more of a pavement party, due to the busy traffic cutting off one side of the road from the other.

I took the opportunity to check out the office of our old client Image Wizard television, but it seems they’ve moved on.

Steamed up about Freecycle

Rex Steams to the Rescue
Rex Steams to the Rescue

Freecycle‘s a great idea – give away the things you don’t need anymore so anyone willing to make the effort to come and collect them. There’s a kind of community noticeboard where you put up what you’ve got to get rid of, and people can also request items they need.

But surely, surely, it is taking it to extremes to ask for “Wanted: Working moped – any as long as it works, will pass MOT” and “Wanted – Car – Family car would be good, it would be nice to have something for just to go around shopping go see family with Children”?

I don’t mind that people ask for things, I saw one today asking for a Unicyle, and fair enough it might be something you have in the attic, not used for years and a request like that prompts you to get it down and give it a good home. But sometimes the Wanted requests make me mad! I’m waiting for the day I see “Wanted: Money, must be valid tender” next?

“Sent from my phone” annoyance

Why should anyone care if the email they get is “Sent from my phone” or not. Does it add anything of value? I don’t think so…

Doubly annoying is that when people get emails on their mobiles, the urge to hit reply is too much to resist, so you typically get this:

Sent from my phone.

Look – just leave it!  Would you write some a letter or call them just to say  one word?!

Nominet will be regulated after all

Nominet is the .uk registry
Nominet is the .uk registry

In the recent Digital Britain report (out for consultation), the government makes clear it is looking to regulate the .uk domain industry.

“In view of this, the Government has decided that on a precautionary basis it will seek reserve powers in any appropriate forthcoming legislation to regulate against the risk that the entry into the sector of a number of new, and as yet unidentified, players will mean we need a basis for industry cooperation. These powers may, for example, enable the Government to direct Ofcom to regulate the distribution of domain names in the UK, possibly by setting conditions and establishing a code of practice to which the industry would be required to conform.”

As this is exactly what the current board of Nominet was seeking to avoid in it’s governance review, it appears as through the horse has already bolted.